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Designed With Purpose

Crafted To Withstand Intensity. Made For Hyrox & Crossfit.


How are we made for functional fitness?

  • Invisible shoulder seams protect stitching from barbells and sleds
  • Fabric compositions allow range of motion and durability
  • Reinforced neck seams protect against front and rear rack barbell positions
  • Lightweight, breathable fabrics for lifting, metcons and runs

How did our founder test THETA for hyrox?

Over 8 testing weeks George completed:

  • Ran: 212k
  • Ski Erg: 26k
  • Sled Pushed: 1300m
  • Sled Pulled: 1300m
  • Burpee Broad Jumped: 2080m
  • Rowed: 27k
  • Carried 50kg: 5400m
  • Walking Lunged 30kg: 2700m
  • Wall Balled 10kg: 2700 reps

... with 0 product defects. This is why we have free returns.

A look at the creative design process of creating our THETA gym wear products.


Behind the scenes during a THETA media content creation shoot day.

Theta DNA

THETA 2023 product collection.