Whether you are recreational or elite, at THETA, we exist to support your fitness racing goals. A transformational movement is underway, whereby the combination of varied training methods has birthed a new type of competitor. The Hybrid Athlete. Running, lifting and conditioning are now being combined to develop true tests of fitness. Whether you are a Hyrox, Crossfit or any form of fitness racing competitor, THETA is designed for you. We do this through our meticulous design process:


At THETA we understand the needs and demands of fitness racing at both the elite and recreational level. Competing in any Hyrox and Crossfit race requires lightweight, durable fabrics that don't cause excess heat and wick away sweat. Our fabrics are designed to feel and perform as an extension of yourself, where they do not cling or restrict movement in any plane of motion. This is a rigorous process, but if you are willing to undertake such tough events, you deserve clothing that does not hold you back.


Using lightweight, breathable fabrics runs the risk of potential weak points in garments. We mitigate this risk by implementing durable details into our products such as: invisible shoulder seams and reinforced neck seams where they are exposed to barbells/sleds. This is tested by our own team who live and breath the fitness lifestyle and our World Championship Hyrox athletes.


At THETA we are building an elite team of individuals who test our garments everyday in their own training. From our World Championship Hyrox athletes and elite Crossfit athletes, you can be assured that the garments you buy are tried and tested to the highest level. The product development of our current range took well over a year to ensure maximum quality and confidence behind our message.